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M.A.B. Medical Hypnotherapy is a modern and progressive form of therapeutic mind treatment available to anyone who has perceived cognitive thought pattern imbalance.


Utilizing the many combinations of: 

  • Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing
  • Quantum Healing 
  • Psychotherapy
  • Theta Healing Principles
  • Psychology of Human growth and Development
  • Mind - Body Therapy 
  • Brain plasticity exercises

M.A.B. Medical Hypnotherapy is a leader in cognitive therapy. 

As an added bonus to our treatment programs, we have created a new process called the "Good Thinking System"  We incorporate this new addition into every program we create for our clients.    


Recently we  introduced the intricate science of Iridology into our practice. Combining Iridology with Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful.    

Iridology allows us to have the ability to identify area's of the brain and body that have been effected by some form of current imbalance as well as historical factors.      


       Iris breakdown