We offer a comprehensive range of treatments from basic problem solving issues to more complex situations that may be causing different forms of stress or trauma concerns. 




If you need help with:


  • Teenage problems
  • Personal private concerns
  • Relationship problems

  • Pre-marital issues

  • Marital issues

  • Bullying concerns

  • Attitude adjustment

  • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies

  • Victimization problems

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Panic disorder

  • Death concerns

  • Concentration problems

  • Medical illness or disease concerns

  • Pre-operation or post operative surgery worries

  • Vanity issues

  • Confidence issues

  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Pain management

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking

PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder.   

All of the above and many more perceived issues are easily treated with the power of therapeutic hypnotherapy.  


HUMAN EMOTIONS: There are 7 recognised  human emotions that dominate our character and effect our personality.  Each emotion has a number of supportive expressions that  feature when the dominate emotion appears.          

All human beings experience the complex ingredience of these emotions. 

Anger - Contempt - Disgust - Fear - Joy - Sadness - Surprise. 


The human brain is the most phenomenal computer in the known universe. It is composed of over 100 billion neurons. It is divided into 2 structures, the Cerebrum, which contains 80% of the brain mass and the Cerebellum the remaining 20%. It contains 4 Lobes, The Frontal Lobe, The Parietal Lobe, The Temporal Lobe and The Occipital Lobe. It has 3 interconnecting layers: The Central Core - The Limbic System - The Cerebral Cortex, all of which contain structures that regulate everyday functioning. It has millions of messenger molecules and neurotransmitters firing throughout it at rapid pace  into every cell in our body. It regulates the understanding of our intricate and complex thinking processes, combined with the power of our conscious and unconscious mind's amazing abilities. Your unconscious mind is the inner regulator of all our biological and mental processes. Therefore our brain/mind is capable of  solving any problem that is presented to it.



Most people travel through life not knowing or understanding how or why their minds think in certain ways, or how they comprehend incoming information that is presented to them.

This can cause a person much confusion when it comes to any form of decision making process where the need for accurate assessment and judgement is required.  

Perception is a uniquely individual account. It is a well documented psychological fact that human beings are not rational thinkers by nature.



M.A.B. Medical Hypnotherapy focuses on all aspects of a person's cognitive thinking patterns and structures. We look deeply into the reasons why our clients thinking patterns occur in the manner in which they do. We then isolate how these processes are formulated. We delve deeply into the many aspects associated with our clients' internal emotional representations to help them access new and improved thinking patterns. Once this is understood, we  work with our clients to assist them in obtaining the very best outcome and solutions that will most benefit them.


Many psychosomatic disorders have been exacerbated by the psycho-biological stress of disrupted ultradian rhythms.  


M.A.B. Medical Hypnotherapy  in conjunction with the body's natural ultradian rhythm  cycles and the Alpha Zone State of hypnosis, uses the  naturalistic approach to access the   trance  induced hypnotic   healing powers of our client's unconscious minds to help relieve the  pressure of the situation they are facing.


Utilising this information in conjunction with  the  principles of the "Good Thinking System" this method of therapy has significant impact on our client's renewed thinking formats and improved cognitive behaivour.